What do you think about learning directly from the people who are leading this FinTech Revolution Era?

What about getting to know all the “Dos And Don’ts” from the most solid gold entrepreneurs from the world’s most innovative and technological poles on a single digital course?

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• Spend money on an overpriced business trip

• Waste your precious time with impractical content about the subject

• Leave the comfort of your home

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Who is Fintech Revolution for?

If you have one from the profiles below, Fintech Revolution is the ideal course for you:

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Financial Market Practioner

Willing to professionalize with the biggest technologies and innovations which are showing up in this market. Learn with the most well-succeeded companies from this sector.

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In the search of new ideas for your startup, understanding how well succeeded fintechs made their business to be worth billions and knowing how to stand in a safer way in this competitive market. Using the same success strategies that have worked with the biggest financial startups in the world.

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In the search for knowledge about this market. To learn how to find and invest in profitable fintechs and with exponential chances of growing. And to understand how fintechs are changing the way people invest and take advantages of this opportunity.

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Fandom and interested people

In knowing more about the fintech world and this profitable niche as much for companies as for investors. A way for you to update yourself with the best companies and practices from this ascending market and stand strategically in order to fully make good use of it.

What you'll discover

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The hidden opportunities behind the financial market that almost no one can see (and how to profit from them)

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How FinTechs grow so fast even in an environment with lots of state intervention

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All the main hits and misses from the best unicorn startup owners

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Why you should pay very close attention to the “China vs Silicon Valley” fight for global tech supremacy... if... you wanna make some serious profits

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Think you already missed this opportunity? This accelerator who has helped grow market leaders such as PayPal, Google, LendingClub will prove you wrong

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The Founder and CEO of a startup that became an unicorn in less than 2 years will show you why FinTechs are NOT just about technology... and… why it’s so important to understand that if you wanna be successful

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The 3 Key factors that transformed the timid emergence of FinTechs into the ongoing billionaire revolution we’re experiencing right now

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The best investment that the Principal and Venture Partner at Polychain Capital (the first crypto fund with more than US$ 1 billion in assets under management) has ever made

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Why China is a gold mine of billionaire opportunities for financial services

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Why they encourage people to take risks in China... and... why you should do that as well

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Why credit card companies can’t break into China

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The “Chinese Triangle” technique for making Minimum Viable Products without wasting money and time

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This unlikely social media processes more payments now than banks in China

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Why the General Partner of Amidzad believes that the biggest FinTechs won’t spin out of banks... and... what he would do (immediately) if he was a major bank in order to not be whipped of the map by a FinTech

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A very common misconception about scalability that can ruin your business

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Why medium and small banks who are not willing to partner with FinTechs are heading to Doomsday

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The 3 odds on scaling that no one’s talking about

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Why you have to play a totally different game in China if you’re thinking about starting a FinTech or any other financial service over there (and why this field is less open to new entrants)

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Something that all western companies dit it wrong while being in China

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4 Key things to work with chinese internet companies

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2 main advantages that USA has over the China market... and... the 2 main advantages that China has over USA

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What’s the best city in China for internet startups (right in the province that generated most entrepreneurs in the country)

Here's what people are saying about the Fintech Revolution Course

"A very interesting learning format! It's didactic without being boring. I can't wait to start the next course. Congratulations to all the team!"

- Laila P.

"After that course, you just can't deny there'll be BIG changes in the next years."

- Maxwel B.

"Fantastic! And it's just the tip of the iceberg."

- Cristiano K.

Very nice! In Brazil, the 4 biggest banks retain more than 78% of the credit market while charging huge taxes... it makes you think about the sea of opportunities we have around here."

- Anderson P.

Know your mentors

Arthur Xiaosong picture

Arthur Xiaosong


LianLian Pay logo
Benny Li picture

Benny Li


HuaXia Finance logo
Cristina Junqueira picture

Cristina Junqueira

Co-founder and VP

Nubank logo
Tito Gusmão picture

Tito Gusmão

Founder and CEO

Oi Warren logo
Stone Zheng picture

Stone Zheng


CrediGO logo
Henrique Dubugras picture

Henrique Dubugras

Co-founder and CEO

Brex logo
Mario Isaac picture

Mario Isaac

Head Business and Development

Wecash picture
Li Jiang picture

Li Jiang


GSV Capital logo
Benjamin Gleason picture

Benjamin Gleason

Founder and co-CEO

Guia Bolso logo
Sandro Reiss picture

Sandro Reiss

Founder and CEO

Geru logo
Paula Paschoal picture

Paula Paschoal

Country Manager

PayPal logo
Sergio Furio picture

Sergio Furio

Founder and CEO

Creditas logo
Oscar Ramos picture

Oscar Ramos


China Accelerator logo
Shuonan Chen picture

Shuonan Chen

General Partner

Agile VC logo
João Fernando picture

João Fernando


CSMV logo
William Bao Bean picture

William Bao Bean


SOSV logo
Emily Grill picture

Emily Gill


Varo logo
Saeed Amidi picture

Saeed Amidi


Plug and Play logo
Cristiano Oliveira picture

Cristiano Oliveira

Founder and CEO

Olivia logo
Alexandra Karpova picture

Alexandra Karpova

Founder and CEO

Crypto PR Labs logo
Jason Gardner picture

Jason Gardner

Founder and CEO

Marqeta logo
Ryan Zurrer picture

Ryan Zurrer

General Partner

Polychain Capital logo

Chapters and videos from course

Check out what you will learn in the 8 chapters from Fintech Revolution:

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Were you left with any doubt? We have listed below the most frequent ones.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo How do I watch the classes?

The recorded video lessons are 100% online. Therefore, you can make use of the content wherever you are - you just need internet access.

By subscribing on the course, the student will receive a login and password in order to access the online education platform, and there it will be delivered all the content.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo When will the classes be available?

The first episode is already available in the platform, the rest will be provided within the following weeks.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo How many times can I watch the classes?

You will be able to watch and re-watch the classes from the course as many times as you wish, you just need a device with internet access.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo Is that possible to split the payment over by a bank payment slip?

No. The payment system doesn't allow it, only by credit card, until 12 installments. The payment by a bank payment slip is only in one lump sum.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo Is there any extra cost involved?

No. There is no extra or hidden cost concerned in the training.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo How long will I have access to the Course?

You will have access to the course by indefinite time, being able to access the whole content as long as it is available in our platform.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo How does the guarantee works?

By acquiring the course you will have a 7 days guarantee. If within this period you watch the first classes and don't appreciate the content, you will be able to ask your money back by the e-mail atendimento@startse.com. We will refund 100% of the subscribing value.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo Will I receive any conclusion certificate?

Yes. After finishing all the classes, a conclusion certificate will be made available on the platform.

Ícone na cor azul de um triângulo formado de bolinhas apontando para baixo I have other doubts about the course content. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to atendimento@startse.com and one from our experts will try to solve your doubts.

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